You are missing the opportunity to THRIVE and SURVIVE in this ever-changing industry of worship ministry.

 I thought you wanted to be the “HERO” and save your Worship Team from self destruction and implosion by seeing them develop character, integrity and their gifting, becoming mature people on and off the stage.

Joining the MaxCap Team

They would’ve become Leaders in their;

  1. Church

  2. Community

  3. Home

Every HERO wants to win 

And every Pastor wants their people to know they are loved and appreciated even if they don’t say it enough. You can make this happen. The alternative is detrimental and leads to so many problems that I had to make a list below.

What tragic thing will happen if the HERO doesn’t win

  • Lack of resources – the overwhelming number one issue

    • Simply not having enough musicians or sound people to populate the rota

    • Missing drummers, bass players, keys players and even worship leaders

    • Conflicting demands for musicians who are also involved in other ministries

    • Turnover of musicians when younger people leave for university

    • In places a lack of musicians with any genuine talent

  • Time

    • To practice

    • To pray

    • To research and teach new songs

    • A general culture of busyness and conflicting demands

  • Commitment

    • To developing excellence

    • To being willing to work and serve

    • To practice

    • To turn up on time

    • To focus on improvement

  • Pastoral and leadership issues

    • Myriad issues with “problem” musicians – mainly to do with attitude or “unconscious incompetence”

    • Having a balance between musical excellence and encouraging musicians

    • Communication from the worship leader to the band

  • Congregation issues

    • Lack of support

    • Criticism

    • Members who view worship as exclusively music and as entertainment

  • Church leadership issues

    • Not consistently Insisting on keeping the standard established by leadership

  • Musicianship

    • Everyone doing their own thing rather than working as a team

    • Musicians that do not make room for each other – they play all the notes, all the time

    • Inconsistent ability and little willingness to improve

    • Lack of confidence

  • Sound team

    • Lack of resources – human and technical

    • Lack of skills

    • Unwillingness to train

    • Understanding what sound the musicians want to make

  • Admin challenges

    • Managing different keys for different singers

    • Learning and integrating new material

    • Not always playing what is practiced

    • The challenge of working in multi-church sites

  • The songs

    • Scaling songs down from “the full” arrangement

    • A limited song repertoire that does not reflect real-life struggles and disappointments or the disconnect between our theology and what we experience day-to-day


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