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Our goal is to provide Worship Leaders, with the tools and insights to lead your team every week. We do this by providing real leadership principles to handle ministry life on and off the stage so they can be successful, and you can have consistency and longevity. 

    • Weekly Study $$$ Value -
      One of the most significant ways to show your people that you care is to invest in your team consistently. Because we know coming up with a weekly 15 min study plan can be daunting and next to impossible, we have developed weekly insights for worship leaders to share with their teams. As you share and engage with your team on another level, they soon will call you the HERO as you help them grow on and off the stage. Every week we send you a 15-20 min quick study on Leadership, Songwriting, Prophetic Insights, and more. All of this designed with you in mind.

    • Monthly Live Conference Call - $500 value -
      There is nothing better than an experienced guide. So every month we do a conference call for all Worship Leaders, Senior Pastors, and others with vital leadership roles. It’s 60-90minutes of teaching, coaching, and Q&A. Its another of our most valuable offers. You’ll hear both sides of the conversation as it comes from a 30 year Worship Leader/Senior Pastor.

    • Get the App - $$$ value (iOS/android available) (currently free)

      Weekly Podcast called, Worship Matters. We present practical insights for the creatives that make up your team.

      Biweekly Blog, We publish prophetic conversations between Derick and Holy Spirit. These are unscripted and hail from the fourth watch, 3am-6pm



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to all of our products which include:

  • Maximum Capacity Book Series

    Everything is affected by the Sound of your house. Your ability to relate to people, your ability to control the lusts of your flesh and of course, your relationship to God. This series of books is designed for worship pastors, ministers of music, worship leaders and other titles given to the gatekeeper of worship in their church, to assist in you being a leader in the Body of Christ as you release a unique sound from your house.

    32 Indispensable Laws of Leadership for Worship Teams - Available Languages: English and Spanish

    Worship Pastors, this is a must-have book if you want to add value to your team and develop your people off the platform. Stop contending with the same external problems common to all worship teams that lack the knowledge found in this book. 32 Indispensable Laws of Leadership for Worship Teams will make your job easier and the longevity obtainable. 

    I Am Samson - Lessons in Leadership

    Samson represents the ones who stand in the spotlight each Sunday morning. Samson preaches to us and sings to us every week. They are strong in their gifting and like Samson, weak in their flesh. There is an epidemic of immorality going on in the church and in the world that runs side by side. In this book, I Am Samson, we discuss it. 

    Sound of the House 

    This book is designed to assist you in releasing the Sound of your house. 

    Discovering who you are and what you believe as a worship team leads to the creation of standards and the application of motivating administrative ideas to create a long-lasting department that releases the Sound of your house in worship when they sing. 

    3D System - Celebrate the Revelation

    This book shows you how to apply the 3D System successfully and release the Sound of your house.

    The Fourth Watch - Lessons from His Presence (Released this Fall)

    This book clarifies the importance of the 4th Watch the hours of 3am - 6am hours. It looks at the prophetic and shows many examples of prophetic utterances that have been spoken to me as it concerns the church and God people.

    Other Tools:

  • Q45 the Pastor and Worship Leaders Questionnaire - designed to foster communication on topics rarely discussed that need discussion of unity between these two vital offices is going to take place.

  • How to Write Songs - A songwriting book and video set that gives you the opportunity to gleam from how I write songs and approach the industry as a whole.

  • Piano Lessons 10 Lessons in 10 Minutes - Every worship leader should be familiar with the keyboard and these 10 videos will familiarize you with the piano, chords and more so you can communicate effectively or learn to play yourself.

    …and more stuff!


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